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Rohan Chavan

Director & Writer

Rohan Chavan is an independent filmmaker, director, video producer, editor & writer with a flair for innovative, impactful visual storytelling. He has directed & produced videos for leading FMCG, healthcare and lifestyle brands like Budweiser, Protuff, Kineco Group, Lifelong, Alpenliebe, Livfast, SVKM, Reework Health and many more.

He has also worked with Ad-filmmaker & renowned Film Archivist Shivendra Singh Dungarpur as an Assistant Director.




"I have worked with Rohan in one of our sublime project Calypso,


The project was divided in two sections


Section 1 – video diary sessions of respondents

Section 2- actual video shoot of daily lifestyle for respondents


The project was done by Budweiser for a change in their positioning statement.


Rohan was the Director for the 2nd phase for the project and believe me, it was logistically very heavy task almost 18-20 hrs stretch of shooting, working, travelling and set up.

When it comes to Perseverance and dedication , Rohan is synonymous, more so for the part which involved scenes takes and sound. The quality was maintained and doubly checked and ensured by him, each and every shot was verified by him ,to be specific. Unless he was very confident, he would not proceed for the next shot. You can see the patience and perseverance in him as an able and qualified director, and be rest assured he will not give up on you, even if the entire cast has given up.


The potential in him to reach great heights can be seen in his work and diligence. His work is very inspiring indeed. If you want your shots to be taken up with high volumes of details and adaptability. Rohan is the man.

The ability in him to read the clients perception, thoughts & ideas and bring in down in one frame is commendable, and truly a sign of talented artist in him , which drives him to be this passionate about videography".





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